On Demand HR Support for Your Business

When it comes to being on the cutting edge of HR solutions, and assisting small businesses, Gateway HR Consulting is leading the charge. We combine the latest employee relations knowledge, with training techniques, benefits administration, recruiting  strategies and legal compliance with innovative solutions and creative thinking to bring measureable results, flexible strategies and exactly the solution you need for assistance with your workforce.

Whether you have an existing HR Department or are a small business simply needing assistance in a few areas, Gateway HR Consulting excels at helping businesses navigate through issues such as the Affordable Care Act, FMLA, dealing with disgruntled employees, disciplinary action, sexual harassment training, and many other areas.  Partnering with Gateway HR Consulting also means that you will learn tips and techniques about topics such as discrimination, worker's compensation, FLSA requirements, benefits and many others.  Gateway HR Consulting can provide your supervisors with the tools they need to avoid placing your company in jeopardy of a lawsuit as well as the tools to motivate and promote a happy workforce.

A Few Things We Are Really Good at:

  • Employee Relations (FMLA, ADA, ACA, EEOC, DOL claims, etc.)
  • Training (9 Box performance training, sexual harassment training, etc.)
  • Benefits Administration (helping you understand the ACA and your options!)
  • HRIS systems and leading new payroll system integration
  • Policy and Handbook Generation